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Federico Sparisci
Site #21
127 Monument Street

Watercolor & acrylic paintings; pen & ink on paper

My name is Federico Sparisci and I was born in Rome, Italy in 1980. I spent a significant part of my life in the greater Boston area, but have lived and traveled extensively in Europe.

Since an early age I have been interested in art, and my formal experience drawing and painting developed during four years of high-school. At the time I experimented with several mediums and styles including charcoal sketching, pencil drawing, ink cross hatching and acrylic painting.

After finishing my studies, I have continued to paint, but focused my material largely on living and travel experiences. My particular interest is on architecture and I feel inspired by the design and construction of many of the cathedrals and monuments that I had a chance to visit. I have tried to create a collage of these experiences through paintings and hope to continue with more pieces closer to the area.

Artist Statement
The subject of my work tends to focus on the architectural design of human made structures, such as the facades of cathedrals, symbolic fountains, ports and bridges encountered in my life travels. In my artwork I attempt to capture a part of the emotion that these settings evoke. It is largely a way for me to share my appreciation for the inspiring designs and construction of manmade structures in the context of their environment.