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Audrey Stanwood
Site #25
58 Holton Street

Beaded jewelry

What inspires me?

This is a question that people often ask me in regards to my jewelry, and it is a difficult question to answer!  Everything inspires me… life, my cats, nature, birds, the ocean, stars, flowers, colors, shapes, everything!  I do not actually go through the process of drawing my jewelry designs on paper first, as some artists do.  Instead I will either look through my existing bead materials for an idea, or I will go on a buying trip to see what catches my eye.  Sometimes I have a definite color, texture, or shape in mind, and that will inspire an idea.  Often a special stone or bead will be the starting point which inspires a design.  Other times a customer will ask me for a particular item, and then the inspiration comes from their personality and the way they describe what they are looking for.  I am especially inspired when someone tells me how much they are enjoying a piece of jewelry that they bought from me!