Welcome applicant, to the 2023 West Medford Open Studios. We look forward to your taking part this year in this in-person event. As in 2021 and 2022, the 2023 event will be a one-day event in Dugger Park.

We will follow all recommended COVID safety procedures. If conditions in Medford and the state make it unsafe or impractical to hold WMOS, we may choose to cancel.

Please read the following description and rules:

  1. WMOS will be a one-day event: Saturday, June 24, 2023, noon to 5 p.m. Rain date is Sunday, June 25.
  2. Registration opens on February 13. The final day for registration is Monday, March 27.
  3. WMOS will have a single site: outdoors at Dugger Park, outdoors at Dugger Park, with musicians on the back porch of the West Medford Community Center, and writers in the field by the tennis courts.
  4. All visual artists must exhibit under a canopy (tent), 10' x 10'. You must bring your own canopy with weights.
  5. We will provide plenty of space between each artist's canopy. Because exhibit space is limited, we may not be able to accept all applications to participate. If the number of applicants exceeds our limit, we will place the additional applicants on a waiting list.
  6. The registration fee is $60. If you are a musician, writer, or other performer who plans to perform and does not plan to be part of the exhibition, registration is free.
  7. If we do not have enough space for you to exhibit, we will refund your registration fee in full.

About your website listing

Every artist who registers for WMOS will have an Artist Page on our website. The page will go live a month before the event and stay up for several months afterward, allowing you to promote your work before and after Open Studios. You will be able to include the following information:

  1. Up to three images of your work
  2. Biography and artist's statement
    We have room for 300 words, but for best results, limit your statement to 200 words. Longer statements, lists, and other long material do not display well on our website. If you a returning artist and want to include some of the material you used last year, you can go to the WMOS home page and cut and paste information manually into the registration form.
  3. A link to an external website
    Your Artist Page may include one link for further information about your work. This can be your personal website or any social media page.

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