Hammer & Thread

Handmade polymer clay and upcycled jewelry

About the Artist

Hammer & Thread specializes in crafting unique, handmade polymer clay jewelry, with designs inspired by the textures and patterns found in nature, from stones to botanicals. The studio stands out for its commitment to sustainability, cleverly repurposing materials by blending upcycled items with silver and brass to create pieces that are both vibrant and full of character.
Katharine Rahilly Altman, the creative force behind Hammer & Thread, finds a genuine escape in the art of making. Working with these materials offers her a momentary pause from the everyday hustle, allowing for a deep dive into a world where only the tactile pleasure of creation exists. Katharine finds the transformation process, from raw materials to finished pieces, both intriguing and rewarding.
With nearly two decades of residency in the area, and over ten years in West Medford, Katharine has built a life here alongside her spouse and nine-year-old child. Her work not only enriches the local artisan community but also reflects a personal journey of creativity and sustainable living.