Crochet X Island

Handmade Crochet Fashion and Accessories

About the Artist

Hi, I’m Akaylah Farquharson, the owner of Crochet X Island. I create handmade crochet fashion and accessories. My brand mission is to build a community of like-minded people to help motivate each other to pursue our growth journeys. I started Crocheting in April 2022. I began my business in January 2023. I learned crochet from YouTube tutorials and I picked up quickly. I excelled in the craft and I knew that this was my new talent. Crocheting is so relaxing for my mind and allows for versatility within the creative medium. The best projects I have made are scrunchies, tote bags, ruffle bucket hats, and a 2023 senior class blanket. The plan is to continue to challenge myself to create new and unique pieces that I can share with my community in person and online. The concept of the Island Adventure is my solo adventure into adulthood as a business owner, artist, and full-time college student. Inspired by my favorite video game, Animal Crossing, I have to build my island from scratch to have a beautiful community around me by sharing all the skills I have learned. Life is an adventure and we have to take the first step to manifest the life that we want and to be the best version of ourselves!