Chikako Designs

Fiber Arts

About the Artist

Having been born in Japan and having creative parents who encouraged me to be the same, I am forever inspired by the combination of the influenced of my Japanese heritage and my western upbringing. I adore the combination of beautiful Asian prints placed seemingly simply on maybe a solid-like shape, always keeping in mind the functionality of the piece. I knew that I wanted to be involved in the arts for my work. After attending art school and working in NYC and Tokyo as a fashion and costume designer, I returned to the Boston area to start my business.

Description of work
I like to call my pieces ‘East that sometimes meets West’. I routinely spend time in NY and LA at the textile shows and garment district to source the fabrics and trims. I try to go to Japan whenever I can. I try to have designs that are beautiful and functional and whenever it’s appropriate, versatile. Being a one woman show, I do everything from the designing, sewing to the selling.