Sharon Stafford Metals

Contemporary basketry and handmade studio jewelry

About the Artist

I’ve always needed to create and make. I found a strong creative outlet through metalsmithing in school, but opted for a design career instead. I jumped back into metalsmithing about 15 years ago, adding woven metal to the mix. After a few years working at jewelry scale I wanted to work larger, so I took some basketry classes intending to bring those skills back into metals. Now, all these years later I am creating studio jewelry and contemporary wire basketry. I switch things up regularly - incorporating metalsmithing elements into my wire basketry work, as well as using basketry techniques in my jewelry work.
It is the textures – both visual and tactile – that draw me to metal and to weaving. The feel of metal has always drawn me in, whether wire or sheet, smooth or textured, hammered or woven. And the visual pull of woven metal just never ends for me. I have to get in closer, understand it, and of course, touch it. The relationship of different textures plays a significant role in my work – contrasting and complimentary textures add to the visual and tactile experience.