betty stone photography

Photography: foto blocks, framed work, cards

About the Artist

I am a Boston area photographer drawn to “experienced things,” movement, and often people. When I make a photograph, my senses typically inform choice of subject and point of view. I want to engage my audiences - to delight, to provoke questions, to generate associations, to evoke memory. I am intrigued by framing, often tight, that showcases texture, pattern, light, and color - sensory clues that invite you, to uncover your own connections to my images.
My unique 4” x 4” x 1.5” wooden foto blocks invite participation. Hang them in pairs, trios, quartets, or grids. Stack them on a mantel. Arrange and re-arrange your “personal gallery” to suit how you feel in the moment.
My cards have been popular for years. They offer humor, heartfelt wishes, memories, and beauty to senders and recipients alike.
I have taken courses with Emily Belz and Sue Anne Hodges, and was a member of the Photography Atelier16 and Atelier38, both at the Winchester Griffin Museum of Photography.
I have exhibited my photographs at Cambridge Art Association, Griffin Museum of Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery Online, Arlington Center for the Arts, Lexington Arts & Crafts Society, Plymouth Center for the Arts, and Arlington Robbins Town Hall.
I live in Arlington, MA, and work wherever my camera takes me.