The Elephant In The Room

Hand-Designed apparel with a positive mission

About the Artist

"The Elephant in the Room" is a clothing line, hand designed by Smidi himself.
All of the apparel and products are designed with passion and purpose to create the brand, vision and mission behind it all.
The brand is a metaphorical idiom playfully designed to attract the attention of "thinkers". Coded in the design is the idea that something as conspicuous as an "Elephant In The Room" can be overlooked. The concept poses a challenge to those who are willing to engage in conversations that have been repressed and difficult to address.
The t-shirts and apparel are a conversation starter. When wearing our apparel, you will stand out in the crowd as it inspires dialogue and makes it easier to address those difficult conversations. It sparks social empathy, intended to create unity between two people who may have never met, only to find out that they’re more alike than different.
By purchasing our hand designed apparel, you will be playing a big part in helping to heal the world one conversation at a time as we embark on our mission to leave the world a better place than we found it because UNITY begins with YOU and ME.
Elephants are also one of the oldest symbols of good luck, wisdom and serenity so when wearing our clothing apparel, it may just bring you a trunk full of good luck!!! 🐘