Elaina Bates-Egan

Abstract and floral inspired oil paintings


I love to make things and I love a creative challenge. Painting is my main creative focus but I also dabble in gardening, sewing, and sculpting and recently got into building things with wood and power tools (i.e. treehouse and school desk). I am a Lowell, MA native but currently live in Medford, MA with my husband, two little girls, and dog Matilda.

Artist Statement

My paintings explore color and movement while paying homage to the natural world. My process is organic and for me, my paintings are about the act of creating as much as they are about the finished product. When I start a painting I am inspired by something specific - a color, object, or texture - but as the painting develops it takes on a life of its own and tells me what needs to happen next. The finished painting rarely looks anything like what I initially envisioned, but it is the journey and surprise ending that gets me excited to start the next painting.

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