Amantha Tsaros

Abstract Painting and Prints


Amantha is a native of Massachusetts. She earned a BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. Her influences include Corita Kent, Florine Stettheimer and NECCO.


Recent exhibits include her solo exhibit "Feral Joys" at the Bromfield Gallery and "Seething Optimism" at Jerome Street Studios.

She works out of her Lexington studio and is a member of the Cambridge Art Association.

Follow her on Instagram @amanthatsarosart.

Artist's Statement

With color, paint and bold brush strokes, I want to trample darkness with Love. Joy. Optimism and Happiness. My paintings are a dare to overtake the forces that repress us and to rise up and dominate with positivity.

Every painting and every color choice is a bold statement, telling the world that I am not neutral: I side with inclusivity, diversity and love.

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