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West Medford Open Studios offers a special opportunity for visitors to speak directly to artists about their own work. For adults, this is a chance to broaden their knowledge of the creative process. For younger folks, it is a chance to meet working artists living in their midst, to ask questions about how an artist pursues his or her craft, and to gain an appreciation for how art can enhance their lives. Many of the artists are teachers as well, and all enjoy talking about their work. Open Studios enriches the city by providing a cultural feast to all who participate and bolsters support for the arts in Medford.

Board of Directors

Earl Howard, President
Ted Adams, Treasurer
Gail Barry, Secretary
David Chia
Monique Doherty
Tanya Howard
Rick Todhunter
Stephanie Todhunter
Anita Tucker

Past Board Members

Mary Lou Christensen
Marilyn Davidson
Maureen Sonnie
Janet Walton


Medford Arts Council
Wynn Employee Foundation

Ted Adams
Ed Barrett
Gail Barry
Irina Braun
Lindsey Caputo
David Chia
Marilyn Davidson
Monique Doherty
Richard Feigenberg
Jen Flores
Sue D'Arcy Fuller
Kristi & Martha Furbush
Sarah Gerould
Francine Hiller
Earl Howard
Peg Kane
Jane Kostick
Celia Lee
Judy Mastrocola
Robert Marcellino
Amy Meltzer
Faith Milligan
Alex Moot and Nancy Roosa
Louise Musto-Choate
Mike Quinn
Gary Roberts
Stephanie Todhunter
Patricia Towfigh, in memory of Kevan

2021 Volunteers

Marylou Christensen
Marylin Davidson
Heidi Davis
David Doherty
Johnny Doherty
John Doherty Sr.
Owen Doherty
Marcus Howard
Pam Johnson
Wayne Lucas
Lisa McGoff
Melanie McLaughlin
Maureen Sonnie
Otha Sonnie
Naomi Stringfield
Rick Todhunter
Matthew Tucker

Contacting WMOS
How to Exhibit at WMOS:

Registration is closed for the 2021 event, and will open again in September for the 2022 event. If you have questions about exhibiting, contact us to Exhibit

How to Register as an exhibitor for WMOS:

Contact us to Register

WMOS Event information and Details:

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Becoming a WMOS Sponsor:

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Become a Volunteer:

Learn more here or contact us by email to inquire

Be A Host - Hosting Artists at Your Studio or Home:

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