Glass and Grout

Mosaics: home decor, jewelry, display art

About the Artist

Glass and Grout is the artist persona of Susan Altman. She has always loved making things and have made many kinds of art and crafts--wheel-thrown ceramics, watercolors, pastels, jewelry, beads, quilts. More recently she's focused on mosaics--as fine art, garden ornaments, functional objects, jewelry, and outdoor community installations. She gives new life to lots of "trash"--old frames, broken pottery, yard sale furniture, leftover wood from construction projects, stones, shells, keys, even plastic bottlecaps and ink toner cartridges.

One of her current projects is a large rainbow mosaic project, designed and built mostly by school students, for an outside wall at Medford High School.

Susan teaches mosaics, both at her Somerville studio and at various local venues. Unlike many types of art, mosaics are very approachable for beginners, requiring nothing more than some tiles, glue, and willingness to experiment.

Susan also serves on the board of Arts Collaborative Medford, which will open Medford's first permanent arts center this year.

She instagrams under @glassandgrout.