Cat Antics Studio

Colorful prints, weavings, misc.

About the Artist

Throughout my life I have been at different times immerse in sculpture, painting, printmaking and weaving.

I have taught art education k-university and as an Art Therapist ran an art studio at a homeless shelter in Boston. During this time period, I was lucky to have a kitchen that was roughly 12 x 14 feet which was my printmaking studio.There I fashioned gelatin monotypes, which I have produced as cards, magnets, cups, bags, “T” shirts and matted and framed prints. Both weaving and printmaking gave me a wonderful opportunity to to work happily with color and pattern.

Now having moved and without a studio, I am involved in nature photography, energy healing work and searching for what art expression is next for me. I’m looking forward to what I will be manifesting next in this new phase of life.