Pate Ceramics

Hand-thrown pottery in bright colors

About the Artist

I took my first pottery class about 30 years ago at a community art center and earned a studio art degree in ceramics in 2002 from Hamilton College. After various apprenticeships, teaching jobs, and studio manager positions, I am now able to concentrate on what I do best: making pots.

The smell of the clay and the way the light reflects in the bucket of water I dip my hands into reminds me of afternoons spent by the river. I love the rhythm of throwing: the way the time can be measured in pots thrown, or in handles pulled.

I love using my whole self to make pottery. There is a pleasant ache to your muscles after a long day, but potting also requires keeping the mind busy solving the next glaze chemistry puzzle, and the eye designing the harmonious curve of the next piece to come off the wheel.

I strive to make work that is as useful as possible, so everything can go in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven. All glazes are food-safe. All handles are comfortable in the hand. Enjoy!