Lotus and Star

Fine silver cloisonne' enamel jewelry.

About the Artist

Kara is a self taught cloisonne' enamel and metal artist. She is a graduate of The New England School of Art and Design, with a background in graphic design and illustration. Using her illustration skills, she creates one of a kind and limited collections of wearable enamel art jewelry. This is done by using a kiln, fire and tools.

Located in Medford, Kara has a full working metal shop and enamel studio at her home. She participates in many venues and markets throughout the year and loves every minute of it.

Lotus and Star was born from the idea that inner beauty and light is born through transformation, reflection and perseverance. It is this message that she tries to convey trough her creations, with the goal of reminding the wearer that they are unique and beautiful.

"The most beautiful flower grows from the deepest darkest mud"