Backyard Pots

Wheelthrown stoneware pottery, highfire

About the Artist

I've loved clay since I dug it from the stream bed near my home in Wichita Kansas when I was 7 years old. My dad taught me to throw pots at age 13 and later i attempted to survive as a potter in my 20's. However, i reluctantly decided to study to be a nurse practitioner for a 35 year career, so I could pay my rent in Boston. 2 weeks after I retired I returned to pottery at Mudflat Pottery Studio and have been ecstatic, happily ever after, covered in mud.

I currently attempt to create unique pieces that feel wonderful to the hands as they are used, pots that enhance the flavor of food with their beauty. I'm always experimenting in different surfaces on functional pots, using glazes to emphasize the design. I rarely make the same thing twice. During the early pandemic, Mudflat was closed, so a friend and I made pottery in my backyard --and Backyard Pots was born.