Rolf Larson Photography


About the Artist

I love exploring new parts of our world and the challenge of capturing a small bit of the essence of that place. I am a freelance photographer from Natick, MA. In 2017 I quit my day job as a structural engineer so that I could devote more time to photography. Since then, I am grateful to have been able to travel to many amazing places. I am grateful for the opportunity and challenge to see the beauty in these sites and to continue to develop my creative abilities.

The challenges of landscape photography give me an excuse to be outdoors and to explore places that can sometimes be magical. I also am fascinated by the challenges and opportunities of travel and street photography. And portrait photography is something that I have fallen in love with, partly because it gives me the opportunity to make connections with people that would not otherwise be possible.

You can see my work and more information at You can also find me on Facebook and on Instagram @rolflarsonphotography

Contact Rolf:

781 424 3952

Natick, MA