Stephanie Schorow

Writer of fiction and nonfiction

About the Artist

Stephanie Schorow is an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor, Boston University communications instructor, and the author or co-author of nine nonfiction books on topics such as fires, crime, drinking, and sexual politics. Her just-published first novel, Cat Dreaming: A Story of Friendships and Second Chances, is a wickedly funny romp through the 1980s with four women, their lovers, and their cats. She was the project leader on A Boston Harbor Islands Adventure: The Great Brewster Journal. She has been an editor, reporter and/or freelance correspondent for the Boston Herald, the Associated Press, the Boston Globe, and newspapers in Missouri, Idaho, Utah, and Connecticut. Her books include: The Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire; The Great Boston Fire: The Inferno that Nearly Incinerated the City; Inside the Combat Zone: The Stripped Down Story of Boston's Most Notorious Neighborhood; The Crime of the Century; and East of Boston: Notes from the Harbor Islands